Motorcycle Accidents

Filing a Claim After Your Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle accidents are one of the most dangerous kinds of accidents associated with moving vehicles. In most cases, this type of accident results in serious brain injuries and many times death. According to the reports from the National Center for Statistics & Analysis, during 2009 roughly 4,553 motorcyclists had been killed with a further 87,000 receiving injuries in the United States, which means that 5% of all motorcycle incidents lead to death.

Contrary to popular belief, almost all accidents involving a motorcycle are NOT the results of carelessness by the motorcyclist. Most of the individuals involved in these accidents sustain severe injuries and the cases could take many years to reach a judgment. It can be impossible for someone who had been seriously injured in a motorcycle accident to support themselves financially during the lengthy process of the lawsuit.  Talk to an experienced motorcycle lawyer to make sure you are being properly represented on your motorcycle insurance claim.

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