Law Offices of Forrest B. Johnson and Associates Announces Representation of Parents of Finch Elementary Carbon Monoxide Victims

Monday, December 3, 2012, Finch Elementary School in southwest Atlanta was evacuated after dozens of students were sickened by carbon monoxide.  According to Fire Department officials, air tests showed the carbon monoxide level in the school was 1,700 parts per million, the highest levels the Fire Department has ever seen.  
Although the matter is still under investigation, Atlanta Public School officials have stated that the gas leak was caused by the failure of two Finch Elementary maintenance workers to reopen a valve on a furnace after a November 30, 2012 inspection.  Monday’s gas leak sent 40 adults and children to the hospital. 
Forrest B. Johnson and Associates has been called upon to represent the interests of the victims of this traumatizing event.