Have you been denied a rightful claim to Social Security Disability benefits?  Have you been told that you can work, even though you have been injured or disabled? Forrest B. Johnson & Associates can help. Our goal is to guide you through the process of applying for or appealing your claim for support. The process and requirements for any of the following claims can be complicated.

Unfortunately, the Social Security Administration and insurance companies reject some claims of people who actually deserve the money they are requesting.

Social Security Disability: People who are injured may be able to file a claim for support from the Social Security Administration. This income is available for individuals below the age of 65 who meet the requirements. If you have paid into Social Security for five of the previous ten years and are now unable to work, then you may apply for disability benefits.

Supplemental Security Income: SSI is a source of income assistance for those who qualify. Qualification still requires disability, but the applicant must also meet certain income requirements. Supplemental Security Income pays less than disability benefits.

Long-term Disability: Private insurance companies are in the business of making money, and as such, they may deny or delay your benefits based on business practices rather than the merit of your claim. If you have private disability insurance, and you have been denied a rightful claim, we can help you get the insurance money that you or your employer has paid for.

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